Campfire Chats: North QLD with Michael Kelly

Sick of the cold already? Us too! Winter has us dreaming of chasing the heat to keep the warm summer vibes going, and what better place to go then our very own backyard in North Queensland! We had a chat with Michael Kelly, one of the long term sales crew at TJM Cairns about his experience in North Queensland, and what you should be prepared for if you're making the trip this winter.

So why should North Queensland be the no. 1 choice of travel destination?

The diversity of the area up here is amazing. Cairns is the gateway to some phenomenal travel locations, with an abundance of options, local and abroad. Whether you are interested in seeing tropical rain forests, cattle stations, The Great Barrier Reef, Western Gem and Gold fields, and the remote travels of Cape York, there are travel options for all.

Also, despite the warmer wetter months, we generally have great weather, and our winters aren't cold, so we can travel and camp all year round.

One place we absolutely must visit up north?

Eliott / Twin Falls. If you're planning a trip to Cape York, book an extra night at Eliott Falls. The clear creek and waterfalls are a beautiful spot to swim with a clean camping ground and base facilities.

Pictured: Twin Falls - Tourism Australia

If you convince me to head up north, what are the most common injuries I should be prepared for?

Bizarrely enough, sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration are probably the most common. People forget when in the heat and humidity to re-hydrate sufficiently. Burns from camp fires would be a common occurrence, too.

For injury, the biggest thing we find is people underestimate the remote distance from major cities when in Cape York and surrounds. To be 12-15 hours drive from Cairns and sustain a major injury, you must be able to patch yourself up and self treat until medical help arrives. Sometimes, this could be until the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) can evacuate you from a remote location.

In terms of first aid, what’s your favourite FastAid product we must bring? Why?

I've been a big believer for years that every 4WD and Caravan/Camper should carry a comprehensive first aid kit. I've had the FastAid R2 4WD Outback kit in my vehicle for approx. 7-8 years, and I seem to bring it out every trip for patching myself and the kids up in one way or another. The feature I like most about the 4WD Outback kit is that the individual module packs (Outdoor and Eye Modules) can be removed and carry with us when we go bushwalking, it's really handy.

Pictured: FastAid R2 4WD Outback™ Soft Pack First Aid Kit

We've come across snakes while bush walking. Ants, wasps and spiders are common friends that we've had bites from, and cuts and grazes from falls when scaling rocky outcrops. Having the Outdoor Module on hand has been invaluable.

A big thanks to Michael for taking the time to chat with us, make sure you pop in to TJM Cairns if you head up north!

Need help with your first aid? We're here to help!

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