Aussie club sports: You need this first aid checklist! [free download]

Everyone needs first aid - and sport clubs are no exception! From the coaches, to the ref to the players, everyone needs to feel confident that in the event of a first aid incident, minor or major, that the club is first aid prepared.  Sports activities, whether at the amateur or professional level, carry risks of injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to more serious conditions like fractures or concussions. 

Quick and effective first aid can really make a difference, helping injuries heal faster and keeping everyone safer on the field. A good first aid checklist is just as important since it makes sure you’ve got everything you need, ready to go. Being prepared means you can jump into action right away, prevent complications, and keep players, coaches, and parents worry-free. 

We've created a comprehensive first aid checklist that your club can download and print for free here! Simply scan the QR code on the checklist to redownload and print again in the future. 

Having a well-stocked first aid kit and a solid first aid checklist shows that sports clubs care about their players health and safety, making the game more fun and worry-free for everyone.

Looking for more first aid items for your club? Check out our first aid for sport collection of consumables and equipment here!

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