Gift Guide: The gift that keeps giving this season!

Need to buy a gift for the person who has 'everything'?!

You could consider the timeless options like a gift voucher, a pair of socks, or the classic choice of a box of choccies, but these gifts come and go so fast that they're easily forgotten.

Instead, why not opt for a more enduring gift this season: a first aid kit.

Accidents happen unexpectedly, anytime, and anywhere, making a first aid kit a thoughtful and practical gift to give. Plus, you don't need to fret about 'what if they have this already' either, you can keep a first aid kit in so many spots - chuck one in the car, the boat, the caravan - even tucked away under the kitchen sink!

Check out our gift guide below 👇

The Stocking filler - PocKit First Aid Kit

Packed with first aid essentials and small enough to fit in your pocket! Perfect for stocking fillers or as an add-on for with other gifts.

Explore PocKit First Aid Kit

Other great options for stocking fillers include our Evo-Bandage and Compact First Aid Kit

For the Bush enthusiast - FastAid Aspire-Edition Snake & Spider Bite Kit

The Aspire-Edition Snake & Spider Bite Kit is essential for anyone hiking for working in snake or spider prone areas. This kit also contains our unique Evo-Bandage premium latex free snake bite compression bandages with indicators.
Explore the Aspire-Edition Snake & Spider Bite Kit

Another great option for the bush is the Snake & Spider Bite First Aid Kit

For the adventurer - 4X4 Touring First Aid Kit

Perfect for anyone that loves adventure and touring away from home. Tuck the 4x4 Touring first aid kit away in the car or caravan so you're ready to respond to a first aid emergency.

Explore the 4X4 Touring first aid kit

Another great traveling kit to consider is the R1 Vehicle Max First Aid kit

The D.I.Y / Hobbyist - DIY Workshop First Aid Kit

For those that are always tinkering away in the shed! This first aid kit is ideal for D.I.Y. home workshop and is loaded with quality first aid items for treating a range of injuries including burns, cuts, sprains, bleeding, CPR, eye injuries and splinter removal.

Explore the DIY Workshop First Aid Kit

The Holiday Goer - Modular Survival First Aid Kit

The FastAid Modular First Aid Survival  contains all the first aid essentials you need when you're away from home! Includes quality components such as Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, Insect Repellent spray, compass & whistle, PVC Duct Tape, Thermometer, Aloe Vera Spray (Sunburn relief) - the perfect companion when you're camping or on holidays.

Explore the Modular First Aid Survival Pack

Need help with picking a first aid kit? We're here to help!

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