How do I secure my First Aid Kit?

We often get the question, "How do I know if this First Aid Kit has been opened and contents used?" 

FastAid now offer the perfect solution to secure a First Aid Kit so that when the time comes it can be easily determined if the Kit has been tampered with at all. An easy, fast and affordable solution, the FastAid Tamper Tag is a small plastic tag that is used to secure a First Aid Kit at the point of entry to the first aid kit and prevent unnecessary tampering with Kit contents.

In an emergency, this Tamper Tag is easily removed by twisting the tag in a circular motion to break the seal (See video below for demonstration!). If it comes time for your first aid resources audit, and the Tamper Tag has not been cut, you know the Kit has not been opened since your last audit. If the Tag has been cut or “tampered with” you know the Kit may need refill items.

A simple yet effective solution to speed up your first aid audits, preventing unnecessary checking of untouched first aid kits.

To find out more, or order yours now, contact us here or call 1800 13 12 11. We’re always here to help!

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