Steps to first aid compliance in the education industry

Almost every weekday (apart from holidays – thankfully they’re over!) we’re sending our children to a place of education, be it a school, pre-school, day-care or childcare centre.

Like every other Australian workplace, the education industry must be first aid prepared. It's important that schools and childcare centres have adequate first aid facilities and equipment for use both onsite and offsite events such as excursions and evacuations.

In this article we will explore some recommended first aid kits and equipment for the education industry. We will also provide some links to handy resources to assist you with your journey to first aid compliance to meet WHS requirements and if you’re a childcare centre, compliance to ACECQA requirements.

Let’s get started with a checklist

As a start, here's a quick checklist of recommended first aid essentials for the education industry:

If you are a childcare or early education centre, don't forget the recommendation from ACECQA - "A belt bag is one way of taking a modified first aid kit on an excursion or to the outdoor play space". We've got that covered too with the Bumbag first aid kit!

Keep our easy-to-use flowchart handy

Download our handy easy-to-use flowchart to make it easier to choose the right first aid kit. 

Tip: apply this process to your existing first aid kits in your workplace to check whether you are compliant and properly prepared. Don’t get caught out unprepared.

Want to dive deeper into workplace first aid compliance for education?

Check out our handy complete guide to workplace first aid compliance for a deeper dive into the steps you need to take to ensure your workplace is 100% first aid prepared, compliant and ready to respond.

Contact your local stockist today to ensure you have all you're needing this school term! Needing advice? We're here to help!

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