The all-new Snake Bite Evo-Bandage is here!

Last week we launched the new Evo-Bandage - a snake bite treatment bandage that we believe is the most user friendly and best performing on the market. 

So just how can we be so confident about that? Experience + research + testing. Along with our years of experience in manufacturing snake bit kits and compression bandages, we've put in many hours of research and testing to bring Evo-Bandage to market. We wanted to create a product that is user friendly for everyone and a solution that provides the best chance of an effective outcome during a snake bite emergency. 

Take a look at the Evo-Bandage features below:

  • Tension and overlap indicators to ensure effective compression
    Get the correct tension every time with our specially designed indicators printed onto the bandage. Never doubt whether the compression is too tight or too loose to effectively reduce the spread of snake venom. 

  • Ultra-long 9.9 length
    Ultra-long bandage at 10cm x 9.9m stretched length to provide whole of limb coverage. This is important for effective snake bite treatment, as a shorter bandage may not cover the whole limb, restricting the effectiveness of slowing down the spread of venom.

  • Thorough testing to ensure performance
    Pressure-tested to perform to AVRU (Australian Venom Research Unit) recommendations to ensure best-practice tension. 

  • Latex-free Bandage
    Latex-free to prevent harmful skin allergy reactions - the last thing you need to be worried about when you've been bitten by snake! 

  • Retail Ready Packaging
    Maximise your retail impact with individually packaged bandages.

Looking for more information or ready to order? Reach out to us today to discuss pricing and availability.


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