Why are colour-coded contents important?

At FastAid, we are laser focused on ensuring our first aid kits make first aid as fast and easy as possible. We believe in bringing first aid back to basics to ensure we can deliver better first aid outcomes. 
If you take a look at any of our FastAid first aid kits, you'll notice consistencies in what we do, and features that are unique to our products that help you tick your first aid boxes.

Firstly, you'll see simple organisation (because it's essential to have a well-organised kit in an emergency!) We do this through internal easily removable product dividers in our soft packs. No more rummaging through a messy kit. Tick. 
Secondly, colour coded contents. You'll notice a variety of clearly identifiable colours on our consumables. We do this with method for a reason - so you as a first aider can quickly visually identify the item you need based on the colour of the packaging. Tick.
Below, we break down these colours into each of their categories.

The FastAid R-Series is an excellent example of our unique colour-coded system. Visit our R-Series here to view our full range!

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