2022 World Day for Safety and Health at Work
April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers' Memorial Day.

The day provides an opportunity to reflect on how to prevent work-related occupational diseases, deaths, injuries, and illnesses. It is also a day to remember those that have died from a work-related injury or illness. 

As this important day approaches, think about how you can take the lead in work health and safety.

To help you get involved and promote World Day in your workplace have a look at the World Day page the Safe Work Australia website.

A few tips to get you started if you're interested in becoming involved:

How to get involved

  • prioritising work health and safety discussions in your in physical or virtual work meetings
  • attending a virtual Workers’ Memorial Day event in your area
  • arranging a safety expert to speak in your workplace 

Improving first aid preparedness to enable better safety outcomes

Something every workplace can do to assist in improving safety outcomes in the workplace is focus on being better first aid prepared.

We have put a few ideas and tips together below to help your workplace become better first aid prepared.

  • Understand that as an employer, you are ultimately responsible and that you cannot outsource your responsibility
  • Understand your workplace first aid obligations by reaching out to your WHS regulator. Find your regulator here.
  • Nominate a workplace first aid champion/s (officer/s)
  • Conduct a workplace first aid audit to check you have adequate and up to date first aid equipment
  • Ensure you have appropriate trained first aiders with up to date first aid training
  • Ensure you have first aid kits that are compliant, easy to use and easy to refill, such as the FastAid Easy-Refill First Aid Kit
  • Consider equipping your workplace with a defibrillator – read our whitepaper on defibs here

If you would like further assistance on better preparing your workplace for first aid, we are always here to help! Reach out to us here or call us on 1800 13 12 11. 

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