Easy-Refill is changing the way workplaces first aid forever

After years of planning and innovating, the all new Easy-Refill First Aid Kit is here! 

Easy-Refill was born when we identified a critical gap in the workplace first aid industry. Workplaces are being caught with compliancy and cost issues surrounding their first aid management.

Easy-Refill is here to bridge this gap. We are helping workplaces stay in control of their first aid, with easy and contactless self-service solutions that enable a safe and compliant work environment while at the same time getting expenses back under control. 

How is Easy-Refill different?

Easy-Refill helps work places stay compliant, prepared, and enables quick response to emergencies.

  • Easy to use: Integrated first aid action guide and colour coded contents.
  • Easy to refill: 24/7 online refilling with our simple to use visualiser. No more service fees.
  • Control Compliance: First aid compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Instant visual on open, used and expired contents.
  • Reduce costs: Prevent overstocking, cut service fees, reduce administrative time and costs.
  • Email Reminders: Your choice of 30, 60, 90 or 180 day email reminders to check your Easy-Refill first aid kits when you register online. 

How does Easy-Refill replenishment work?

Our online visualiser makes refilling your kit fast and easy! You can order replacement consumables for your kit within minutes.

Online consumable orders will be sent to and fulfilled by the FastAid stockist that you purchased your Easy-Refill kit from. Every Easy-Refill kit contains a unique serial ID to ensure your local stockist is assisting you with replenishments.

Access the visualiser 24/7. Eliminate service costs and get control of your first aid!

Which First Aid Kit would you prefer in an emergency?

Make the switch to an Easy-Refill First Aid Kit today. Available in two case options; Metal wall mount cabinet, or grab and run soft pack.

Learn more about Easy Refill here!

Questions about Easy-Refill?

Call our customer care team on 1800 13 12 11 or fill in our contact us form here! 

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