Are you prepared the holiday season?

The holiday season is closing in 🥳 In amongst your holiday packing, we want to remind you that it's important to be prepared for the unexpected.

Accidents do happen, and you should be equipped with a first aid kit to suit your needs - whether it's for camping, boating, or staying at home.

FastAid has a range of first aid kits to keep you safe during this busy season.

🏕 Going Bush

The all new Premium Snake Bite Kit is essential for anyone headed into snake or spider prone environments. Containing quality contents for treating snake and spider bites including our new Evo-Bandage premium latex free snake bite compression bandages with indicators, and a full colour Snake and Spider Identification Sheet and easy to follow Symptoms and Treatment Guide.

🚙 Family Travelling

Are you travelling as a family? The Family First Aid Kit has been designed specifically to cater for those who travel. The perfect medium sized first aid kit with all the essentials for keeping your family safe and first aid prepared. Packed with quality first aid items for treating cuts, sprains, wounds, CPR and eye injuries.

🌄 Remote Environments

Or maybe you're adventurous, going outback? The FastAid R1 Remote Vehicle Kit covers 1-10 persons in a remote area environment. This Kit is packed with the essentials for outback exploring, giving you peace of mind. If you would like something more comprehensive, we recommend looking at the Modular Survival First Aid Kit or R2 4WD Outback Kit in a soft pack case. Ideal for outback travelling and camping trips!

🚤 Boating

Boating this Christmas? The FastAid Essentials IP67 Waterproof First Aid Kit is an ideal portable first aid kit for any environment exposed to the elements in marine, travel or recreational applications.

This first aid kit is packed with essential TGA registered quality hospital grade contents suitable for treating a wide range of injuries including cuts and scrapes, wounds, splinters, eye injuries, resuscitation and more.

🏠 Staying Home to DIY

Or just having a relaxed break at home catching up on some home reno's or DIY's? Our DIY Workshop First Aid Kit is our comprehensive first aid kit ideal for D.I.Y. home workshop, recreational including boating, around the home or getting out and about. Loaded with quality first aid items for treating a range of injuries including burns, cuts, sprains, bleeding, CPR, eye injuries and splinter removal.

☀️ The all-round survival solution

We've got the solution for you! The Modular First Aid Survival Pack has everything you need ready for your holiday adventures. Containing 303 pieces, all neatly organised in seperate colour coded modules covering off on snake & spider bites, insect bites, burn relief, germ prevention, cuts & wounds, and much more! 

Our recommendations for additional extras for your kit these holidays:

    1. Hydrogel - An important step in treating mild to moderate sunburn. Hydrogel comes with most of our First Aid Kits as standard, however, it's good practice to have an extra tube or spray, as sunburn is the most common first aid emergency! Prevention is also key - don't forget your Sunscreen!
    2. Snake & Spider Bite Kit - We're in amongst snake season, so it's important to remain vigilant. Our Aspire-Edition Snake & Spider Bite Kit is compact and lightweight, it'll go anywhere - backpack, glove box, kitchen cupboard, site office - you name it. It's a must-have addition to any first aid kit.
    3. Sunscreen - We're all for prevention of injuries that can be avoided, and one of the most preventable first aid situations is sunburn. Make sure if you're heading outdoors that you slip, slop and slap every few hours! 
    4. Tick Remover - When you're out running in the long grass, or hiking through dense bush, you never know if you're going to gain an extra friend along the way! A tick remover helps you to safely remove a tick whole and quickly.  
    5. Instant Ice-pack - For those inevitable times when you roll your ankle running around outside! Instant Ice-packs don't require any refrigeration so are really handy to have in your kit when you're travelling. These are also helpful for the treatment of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

Need help with choosing a First Aid Kit or restocking your own? We're always here to help! You can also find your local stockist here to purchase! 


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