Is your first aid kit prepared for Summer?

Summer is just around the corner! With the beautiful warm weather returning, many people head outdoors again and with that comes a variety of potential first aid emergencies. It's important to make sure you're prepared before hand with the right first aid treatment knowledge and essential first aid items.

If you haven't already - head over to our super helpful blog here about the 3 most common first aid emergencies that happen in Summer and how to treat them. 

First Aid Kit essentials for Summer

If you haven't checked on your first aid kit for a while - now is the time! It's important to regularly check your kit for expired and used contents and making sure to replace them quickly (Check out our full range of replacement consumables here!). By doing so - you ensure that you are prepared for that unexpected emergency that can happen anywhere - anytime!

Our recommendations for additional extras for your kit this Summer:

  1. Hydrogel - An important step in treating mild to moderate sunburn. Hydrogel comes with most of our First Aid Kits as standard, however, it's good practice to have an extra tube or spray, as sunburn is the most common first aid emergency! Prevention is also key - don't forget your Sunscreen!
  2. Snake & Spider Bite Kit - We're in amongst snake season, so it's important to remain vigilant. Our Aspire-Edition Snake & Spider Bite Kit is compact and lightweight, it'll go anywhere - backpack, glove box, kitchen cupboard, site office - you name it. It's a must-have addition to any first aid kit.
  3. Sunscreen - We're all for prevention of injuries that can be avoided, and one of the most preventable first aid situations is sunburn. Make sure if you're heading outdoors that you slip, slop and slap every few hours! 
  4. Tick Remover - When you're out running in the long grass, or hiking through dense bush, you never know if you're going to gain an extra friend along the way! A tick remover helps you to safely remove a tick whole and quickly.  
  5. Instant Ice-pack - For those inevitable times when you roll your ankle running around outside! Instant Ice-packs don't require any refrigeration so are really handy to have in your kit when you're travelling. These are also helpful for the treatment of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Don't have a First Aid Kit ready for Summer?

We've got the solution for you! Our Modular First Aid Survival Pack or FastAid Limited Edition Modular Survival First Aid Kit has everything you need ready for your Summer adventures. Containing 303 pieces, all neatly organised in seperate colour coded modules covering off on snake & spider bites, insect bites, burn relief, germ prevention, cuts & wounds, and much more! 

Need help with choosing a First Aid Kit or restocking your own? Call our sales team on 1800 13 12 11 or fill in the contact form here! 

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