Are your work vehicles compliant?

Regardless if it's a fleet of company vehicles you maintain, or just a solo company vehicle, the new 2018 WHS Code of Practice specifies that a portable first aid kit should be provided in the vehicle of mobile workers if that is their workplace. Are you compliant?

The R1 Vehicle Max is the perfect solution for a compliant kit for all work vehicles. The ever popular deluxe vehicle kit, loaded with ARTG Registered quality extras like splinter probes, hydrogel burn gel, heavy duty crepe bandage, instant ice pack and more. All contained in a medium sized case with internal compartments ready for that unexpected road side emergency.

Remember, when stowing the kit in the vehicle, ensure it is safely located so as not to become a projectile in a collision.

Contact your local stockist today to ensure your workplace is compliant to current regulations! Call us anytime for further information - 1800 13 12 11.

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