First Aid Innovation: 5 unique features that set Easy-Refill first aid kits apart

Every workplace needs a first aid kit (it's the law!), but not all first aid kits are created equally. We created an innovative and unique solution in a market that's flooded with first aid kits that don't put you in control or leave you feeling prepared for an emergency. For too long, first aid has taken too much time and been too complicated for workplaces.

In steps Easy-Refill which changes all of that, putting workplaces back in control of first aid. From the outset, we reckon Easy-Refill ticks all the boxes, but don't take our word for it. We've got the top 5 unique features that sets Easy-Refill apart from the rest of the pack.

1. Injury action guide 

Easy-Refill features an integrated first aid injury action guide, making treating an injury faster and easier. Example: Have a sprained ankle? Follow the guide instructions that direct you to use E2 (Ice-pack) and B3 (Heavy crepe bandage).

2. Instant visual on consumables

The biggest difference between Easy-Refill and other first aid kits is immediately obvious when you open the kit. Our consumables have been designed and displayed to make first aid faster and easier for you - during an emergency and for auditing! You have instant visual on our uniquely colour coded consumables on whether they are opened or missing. You can also easily check the expiry of the consumables with the date displayed on the outer packaging for quick visibility without removing the box. 

3. 24/7 Online Refilling

Save time with 24/7 online refilling with our unique Easy-Refill visualiser. Simply select your consumables and add to your cart. Online consumable orders will be sent to and fulfilled by the FastAid stockist that you purchased your Easy-Refill kit from. Every Easy-Refill kit contains a unique serial ID to ensure your local stockist is assisting you with replenishments.

4. Email reminders

Receive email reminders right to your inbox when it's time for you to audit your first aid kit. Choose to receive reminders every 30, 60, 90 or 180 days, but don't forget you should audit your first aid kit after every major use! Most brands will sell you a first aid kit, but will they ensure ongoing that you're getting the most out of your kit?

5. Reducing costs


You probably don't think about the ongoing costs after the initial first aid kit purchase. However, we've found that this is where most people fall victim to unnecessary costs associated with audits from a service technician. They can overstock on unnecessary consumables you don't need and charge hefty service and administrative fees. Easy-Refill cuts out the unnecessary, putting you in control to save time and money.

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Available in two case options; Metal wall mount cabinet, or grab and run soft pack.

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