First Aid for remote areas. Get prepared.

What is a remote area workplace?

A remote area workplace is commonly accepted as being where an employee or group of employees does not have timely access (more than a 20-minute drive) to an appropriate hospital or medical centre capable of mounting an emergency response or ambulance station staffed by paid paramedics.

“Remote or isolated work is work that is isolated from the assistance of other people because of the location, time or nature of the work being done. Assistance from other people includes rescue, medical assistance and emergency services.” (First aid in the workplace Code of Practice July 2019)

Remote area workplaces can include:

  • Farms
  • Mines
  • Roadworks
  • Quarries
  • Remote communities

FastAid have a range of first aid kits and modules suited to remote area workplaces! 

What do I need to include in my first aid kit?

If your workplace fits the definition of a remote area workplace (including mobile work vehicles and equipment operating in remote areas), you need to be kitted out with an appropriate remote area first aid kit with essential first aid items to address specific risks associated with the location.

“Extra equipment may be needed in remote workplaces, for example for serious burns, breathing difficulties or allergic reactions.” (First aid in the workplace Code of Practice July 2019)

“In addition to the basic first aid kit − a heavy duty 10 cm crepe bandage for snake bites − large clean sheeting, for covering burns − thermal blanket, for treating shock − whistle for attracting attention − torch/flashlight, and − any equipment identified for specific risks.” (First aid in the workplace Code of Practice July 2019)

Choosing the right remote area first aid kitR1 Remote Vehicle First Aid Kit soft pack

Complies with WHS 2019 Regulations for Work Vehicles in Remote Areas. Grab and run design with Snake & Spider Bite treatment contents for those unexpected emergencies. It also includes a torch, whistle and other dressings for remote areas. Suitable for 1-10 persons for work vehicles.

R2 Remote Max First Aid Kit soft pack

Complies with WHS 2019 Regulations for Workplaces and Remote Areas. Includes 2 additional modules; Burns and an Outdoor module, to suit the common injuries that occur on remote sites. Suitable for 1-25 persons in high risk workplaces.

R4 Remote Area Medic First Aid Kit soft pack and metal wall mount cases

Complies with WHS 2019 Regulations for Workplace and Remote Area first aid kit requirements. Ideal advanced first aid kit well equipped for treating a wide scope of injuries that can occur in remote and isolated areas. Quality hospital grade contents to provide an effective response to injuries. Suitable for 1-50 persons in high risk workplaces.

What other first aid equipment do I require for my remote workplace?

FastAid highly recommends your remote workplace is equipped with a defibrillator, oxygen resuscitation kit and first aid room equipment to ensure you are adequately prepared and ready to respond to first aid emergencies.

For assistance and guidance on choosing the best defibrillator, check out our handy step by step guide.

Check out our range of oxygen resuscitation kits and first aid room equipment. You can also enquire about our first aid room packages available, to save you time and hassle in arranging a complete first aid room fit out.

What are my first aid training requirements?

We always recommend certified first aid training for your workplace as an essential step to being properly first aid prepared. First aid training is never more critical than in remote area workplaces.

“… additional (first aid) training may be required where… work is remote or isolated.” (First aid in the workplace Code of Practice July 2019)

“…remote high-risk workplaces—one first aider for every 10 workers… High risk workplaces that do not have timely access to medical and ambulance services should have at least one first aider for every 10 workers.” (First aid in the workplace Code of Practice July 2019)

Download our Whitepaper: Complete guide to Workplace First Aid Compliance

We've put together a complete guide to Workplace First Aid Compliance to help your workplace get prepared, compliant, and ready to respond. 

If you would like further assistance on better preparing your remote workplace for first aid, we are always here to help! Reach out to us here or call us on 1800 13 12 11. 

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