First Aid for Tradies

We've put together a quick guide for everything you need to know about first aid for different trade groups.

In Australia, many trade groups are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice for First Aid in the Workplace. These guidelines outline the necessary contents of an appropriate first aid kit per trade and the recommended quantities of each item.

Electrician first aid kits

Some important items that must be included in an electrician first aid kit include non-adhesive dressings, sterile eye pads, and burn dressings. Additionally, it's recommended that electricians have access to an automated external defibrillator (AED) on worksites, as electrical accidents can result in cardiac arrest.

Plumbers and Gasfitters first aid kits

Some items that should be included in a plumbing and gasfitting first aid kit include adhesive dressings and sterile eye wash, and should also include treatments for burns and outdoors to cater to the outdoor work risks that plumbers and gas fitters experience. Plumbers and Gasfitters should also know how to handle emergencies such as eye injuries, cuts, and strains, as these types of injuries are common in the plumbing and gasfitters industry.

Truck and Plant first aid kits

These first aid kits are perfect for truck drivers and plant operators and are specifically designed for the truck and plant operator that is at distance from immediate medical help. It's also important to consider other potential hazards including snakes and spider bites etc that could arise when travelling. 

Refill your existing first aid kit

If you've already got a first aid kit, you can grab the refill packs to ensure you're equipped for that unexpected emergency. Perfect to restock existing first aid kits. View all of our refill packs here.

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