How to audit your first aid kit

First aid kit auditing. If the sound of that makes you groan, you're not alone! In fact, self auditing your first aid kit is probably the last thing you want to do. But give us 5 minutes, and by the end of this article, you'll be a self auditing pro that's keen to get cracking on your workplace first aid kits.

What is first aid kit auditing?

First aid kit auditing refers to the process of inspecting and evaluating the contents of a first aid kit to ensure that it is properly stocked, up-to-date, and compliant.

Why do I need to audit my first aid kits?

To put it simply, there are 3 key reasons why you need to audit your first aid kits regularly;

  1. Comply – to ensure you are compliant with WHS requirements which are law
  2. Prepare – to ensure your first aid kit is prepared for emergencies and you are familiar with what’s inside
  3. Respond – to ensure your first aid kit is adequately stocked, easily accessible and visible, ready to respond

FastAid has established a simple model to demonstrate these three aspects essential to delivering effective first aid called CPR3 which you can learn more about here.

How do I audit my first aid kits?

  1. Start by locating your first aid kit contents list. This is to ensure you can cross check that you have everything required on the list.
  2. Remove all the kit contents.
    - Check each item against your checklist and make sure you have an adequate supply of each item.
    - Look for expiration dates and make note of any expired items.
    - Inspect the quality of the items. They should be sealed and undamaged.
  3. Document your audit date and the name of the person auditing, and write down any expired / damaged / opened items. 
  4. Restock the first aid kit with the necessary supplies. Purchase replacements for items that have expired, damaged or are running low. Write down the date of purchase and expiry date of your repurchased items.
  5. Ensure the first aid kit is stored in a visible and easily accessible location. Check your workplace requirements here as to how many first aid kits you need and where they should be located pending on the number of people / type of workplace.
  6. Schedule your next audit and put it in your calendar! We recommend doing this every 12 months, or after every major use.

What are the benefits of auditing your first aid kit yourself?

  • You're in control of your first aid
    Your people are your asset so show you care about them by having up to date, prepared and ready to go first aid kits. It is the obligation of every employer to ensure they are in control of their first aid.

  • Get compliant, stay compliant
    You cannot contract out your responsibility for compliance. Ensure your first aid is in good hands, and no better hands than your own!

  • On demand
    Audit your kits on demand, immediately after an incident and re-order consumables pronto. No waiting for a service agent to come on-site (especially if your workplace is out of metro and less of a priority for service agents)

  • No unnecessary fees
    Only pay for what you use and need. No call out our hourly service fees.

  • Contactless, saves time and reduce administrative burden
    No need to spend time reviewing contracts, services costs or organising a service agent to come on site. DIY auditing also makes for a contactless self-service solution (no visitor sign ins or site inductions)

Looking for the perfect DIY solution?

Absolutely we agree that historically, DIY first aid kit auditing has been tedious, slow, and confusing. This is where Easy-Refill steps in.

Our Easy-Refill first aid kit is our new simplified solution to prevent slow and confusing first aid auditing. We are helping workplaces stay in control of their first aid, with easy and contactless self-service solutions that enable a safe and compliant work environment while at the same time getting expenses back under control. 

How is Easy-Refill different?

Easy-Refill helps work places stay compliant, prepared, and enables quick response to emergencies.

  • Easy to use: Integrated first aid action guide and colour coded contents.

  • Easy to refill: 24/7 online refilling with our simple to use visualiser. No more service fees.

  • Control Compliance: First aid compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Instant visual on open, used and expired contents.

  • Reduce costs: Prevent overstocking, cut service fees, reduce administrative time and costs.

  • Email Reminders: Your choice of 30, 60, 90 or 180 day email reminders to check your Easy-Refill first aid kits when you register online. 

You can learn more about Easy-Refill here!

Looking for help with auditing your first aid kit? As always, our team is here to help at any step of the way!

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