The NEW Limited Edition Modular First Aid Survival Pack

This week we launched an exciting limited edition version of our very popular Modular First Aid Survival Pack 🎉

This kit has been in the works for some time, and we're so excited that it has come to life! 

What's different from the original?

We've listened to our customers demands, and we've added a few new additions to make this kit the ultimate survival pack. 

    1. Premium heavy-duty water-resistant khaki fabric ✅
      Perfect for those camping and hunting remotely so the khaki seamlessly blends into the environment, while the water-resistant fabric keeps your mind at ease about the contents staying safe.

    2. Water-resistant zippers 
      In line with the water-resistant fabric, these improved zippers help keep your first aid contents dry.

    3. Versatile Soft Pack Design ✅
      We've added heavy duty webbing on the back and side panels of this pack to make strapping your kit a cinch. Easily attach to your bag, tent, caravan - anywhere! You can also add additional items like a torch through these straps - the possibilities are endless!

    4. Easy clean roll out treatment sheet ✅
      We've also added a handy roll out sheet. This is ideal for placing your first aid components on while you're using them. No longer do you need to find a table to pull out your contents or worry about them getting dirty when using the kit on the ground. 

    5. Reflective tape and piping ✅
      Ensuring high visibility in low light conditions.

What features have we kept?

We've made sure to keep these awesome features from the original kit:

  • Colour coded modules for easy location and organisation.
  • Modular internal compartments to enable rapid response in emergencies.
  • ARTG registered, quality components essential for the ultimate survival pack, including snake and spider bite treatments, burn treatments, compass & whistle, insect repellant and so much more! 

Whats the difference between a normal first aid kit and a survival pack?

A question we get asked often! While a lot of the components are the same, the survival kit is better suited to those who take the kit to remote locations while camping / travelling etc due to the additional features that a survival pack offers. When your in a remote location and far away from medical assistance, you need to be prepared for any emergency and have products used for survival, like whistles / compasses etc. Also includes handy extras like an itch eraser, hand sanitiser, duct tape (very handy for survival situations!) and even a poncho to keep you dry!

✅  You can view the Limited Edition Modular First Aid Survival Pack product page here for a full list of contents and features.

This is a limited edition product, so get in quick to grab your kit! Discover your closest local stockist here, or please call us on 1800 13 12 11 or contact us here and we would be glad to assist.

As always, we're always here to help with any questions or feedback that you may have. We're always listening to our customers feedback and will continue to keep developing new and exciting products based on customer feedback. 

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