Counting the cost of non-compliance

SafeWork Australia commissioned a report The Cost of Work-related Injury and Illness for Australian Employers, Workers and the Community: 2012–13 to establish estimates of the cost of work-related injury and disease to the Australian economy, based on methodology developed by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission in 2004.

The findings were eye-watering to say the least – a staggering cost of $61.8 billion of work-related injury and disease to the Australian economy, representing 4.1% of GDP.

    As responsible Aussie employers it’s important we all do our bit to reduce devastating physical, mental and financial impacts of preventable workplace accidents an illness. Yes, there is no magic fix to this massive issue, however there is one thing we can all do. Get compliant.

    Why the emphasis on getting compliant?

    Generally, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law. These rules are benchmarks that we can measure up to with the aim of improving outcomes - in this case, safety outcomes.

    Compliance must not be viewed as an onerous thing. It’s something that we can proactively engage in to deliver better safety outcomes to better protect and prepare our most valuable assets – our people.

    We know first aid compliance is something that hasn’t been easy to get right, especially keeping your first aid kits up to date and ready to respond. It's time consuming, clunky, and quite frankly, annoying to try to stay on top of. You might even have more than one kit to manage - when and where do you begin?!

    We recognised that this process is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to managing your workplace first aid. It's really important that that your first aid kit/s are compliant. Why?

    • Workplaces have a legal obligation to have a compliant first aid kit/s, otherwise they run the risk of compliance breaches with heavy financial and PR implications
    • In an emergency situation, the last thing you want is to run to your first aid kit and find that important first aid consumables are missing, hard to find, or expired! 

    It’s a well-known fact that that what’s kept simple gets done. Easy-Refill totally ‘uncomplicates’ workplace first aid.

    So what do you do to get on top of managing your first aid?

    We see it that you have two options:

    • You could hire a company to manage your first aid compliance. This however comes at yet another expense to your business for servicing and replenishment costs, as well as the time it takes to organise regular service times - time and money you don't need to waste!
    • You can take control of your first aid with the Easy-Refill solution.

      How does Easy-Refill help with workplace compliance?

      Easy-Refill was born when we recognised the gap in the workplace first aid market for easy, self-management solutions. We've made keeping your kit compliant a sinch by:

      • Unique consumable design and layout
        Get an instant visual on opened, used or expired kits with the unique perforated design of our consumable boxes. The easy labelling and layout shows you instantly if you have boxes missing or opened, and you can quickly glance over all consumable expiry dates within seconds. 
      • Easy refilling process
        Our online visualiser makes refilling your kit fast and easy. You can order replacement consumables for your kit within minutes. You can also access the visualiser 24/7, so you can order whenever you're ready to - no need to wait for your kit to be serviced! 

      First aid compliance wasn’t easy until now.

      So bottom line is that if you’re serious about better safety outcomes for your workplace, you need Easy-Refill. Get compliant, get prepared and ready to respond!

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