National Tradies Health Month 2022

This August marks the APA’s tenth Tradies National Health Month, an awareness initiative that focuses on the importance of tradies health.

Tradies National Health Month raises awareness of the health and injury risks affecting those who work in trade occupations-among tradies themselves, their families, employers and the wider community. With statistics showing almost 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries involve a Tradie - despite making up only 35 per cent of the workforce-tradies’ health must be everyone’s priority. 

2019 research* revealed 60% of tradies often have aches and pains as a result of their job.

And yes, a ‘duct tape’ solution is not acceptable!

As employers, we have a legal obligation to have a compliant first aid kit/s, otherwise we run the risk of compliance breaches with heavy financial and PR implications.

In an emergency situation, the last thing you want is to run to your first aid kit and find that important first aid consumables are missing, hard to find, or expired.

First Aid Kits for Tradies

We recommend all tradies to have a suitable first aid kit for the best chance at effective first aid outcomes. Below are some of our best recommendations: 

    1. Constructa Max Range

      The ideal kits suited for builders and tradesmen who require a compliant first aid kit on-site with them. Includes 2 additional modules; Eye ‘n’ Wound and an Outdoor module, to suit the common injuries that occur on construction sites. Covers 1-25 persons.

    2. R1 Vehicle Max Range

      Your work vehicles are considered a place of work under the WHS code of practice. Ensure your vehicles are equipped with the 1-10 person R1 Vehicle Max first aid kit.

    3. EasyRefill by FastAid

      Revolutionary colour coded easy-access first aid kit perfect for any workplace looking to be WHS compliant and better first aid prepared, whilst reducing the cost of first aid. Internal consistent box sizing provides instant visibility into contents expiry dates and correct quantities for compliance.

A well equipped first aid kit is only part of the story

Something every workplace can do to assist in improving safety outcomes in the workplace is focus on being better first aid prepared.

We have put a few ideas and tips together below to help your workplace become better first aid prepared.

  • Understand that as an employer, you are ultimately responsible and that you cannot outsource your responsibility
  • Understand your workplace first aid obligations by reaching out to your WHS regulator. Find your regulator here.
  • Nominate a workplace first aid champion/s (officer/s)
  • Conduct a workplace first aid audit to check you have adequate and up to date first aid equipment
  • Ensure you have appropriate trained first aiders with up to date first aid training
  • Ensure you have first aid kits that are compliant, easy to use and easy to refill, such as the FastAid Easy-Refill First Aid Kit
  • Consider equipping your workplace with a defibrillator – read our whitepaper on defibs here

You might be saying ‘first aid is such a headache’…

It’s a well-known fact that that what’s kept simple gets done. Easy-Refill totally ‘uncomplicates’ workplace first aid.

Easy-Refill was born when we recognised the gap in the workplace first aid market for easy, self-management solutions where industries like construction are short of time and resources.

We've made keeping your kit compliant a sinch by:

  • Unique consumable design and layout
    Get an instant visual on opened, used or expired kits with the unique perforated design of our consumable boxes. The easy labelling and layout shows you instantly if you have boxes missing or opened, and you can quickly glance over all consumable expiry dates within seconds. 
  • Easy refilling process
    Our online visualiser makes refilling your kit fast and easy. You can order replacement consumables for your kit within minutes. You can also access the visualiser 24/7, so you can order whenever you're ready to - no need to wait for your kit to be serviced! 

First aid compliance for the construction industry wasn’t easy… until now.

So bottom line is that if you’re serious about better safety outcomes for your site, you need Easy-Refill. Get compliant, get prepared and ready to respond!

Interested in Easy-Refill?

Learn more about Easy-Refill here - or contact our sales team today! 

First aid preparedness does not happen on its own

Take action now.

As an employer, you are responsible to drive the culture of safety and preparedness on your site. What action will you take today to ensure a safer and better first aid prepared work site?

You can also help spread the message and keep Aussie tradies healthy. Aside from first aid, you can find some helpful tips and resources here to encourage tradies to look after their general health.

As always, if you need help with choosing the right first aid kit for you or your business we're always here to help!


*Tradies Health Survey 2019 – prepared by Empirica Research for the Australian Physiotherapy Association

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