October is National Safe Work Month 👷

October is National Safe Work Month - A month dedicated to raising awareness about WHS (work health and safety). 

Everyone in the community can be impacted by work-related injury and illness. Last year in Australia, Safe Work Australia preliminary data shows that around 180 people died while doing their job. Around 107,000 people made a workers’ compensation claim for serious injury or illness in 2017-18. That's a startling amount of injuries with the potential to be avoided!

"Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. No job should be unsafe and no death or injury is acceptable. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone."

The theme of this month is 'Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe' - Aiming to target all aspects of workplace processes of safety from the individual up to the company wide level. 

"No one should be unsafe at work and no injury or death is acceptable. There is more that we can do, and together we can make a difference."

At FastAid, we'd like to take this opportunity to discuss how we're helping the workplace community to be safer, and what steps can be taken to avoid preventable work place injury. 

First Aid Kits for work places

We offer a range of First Aid Kits for all different workplace types. Low risk, high risk, office workers, Tradies on the go, workplace vehicles - the list goes on!

The R-series

The R-Series is our unique and simple arrangement of our first aid kits into a risk-rated matrix. Our R-Series range is nationally WHS compliant, saving you the worry and confusion of specific state requirements.

Learn more about our R-series here.

Easy-Refill First Aid Kit

Revolutionary colour coded easy-access first aid kit perfect for any workplace looking to be WHS compliant and better first aid prepared, whilst reducing the cost of first aid. Internal consistent box sizing provides instant visibility to contents in a first aid emergency or when checking contents expiry dates.

Learn more about our R-Series here

First Aid Equipment

Depending on your type of workplace or level of risk, we cater with a range of first aid equipment, such as First Aid signage, stretchers, sharps handling etc. 

View all of our first aid equipment range here

Want to get involved this National Safe Work Month? 
Head to Safe Work Australia for more information on how your workplace can get involved.

As always, we're here to help with any first aid enquiries you have! 

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