What sets our soft pack First Aid Kits apart from the rest?

At FastAid we have been producing our soft pack range of first aid kits for over a decade. We’re pleased that we have pioneered a smarter and simpler design to assist in a faster and easier first aid response in that unexpected emergency.

There’s a reason why they’re a first aid favourite for those providing emergency first aid. Our soft packs go above and beyond traditional first aid kit design, with a lot of thought and care put into every detail of our kits.

Check out some of our key features below!

Heavy-duty canvas

Our soft pack cases are made with tried and tested heavy-duty canvas and quality zippers. This means that it's built to last, ready for the rough and tumble of life as a first aid kit. 

Fold out design

When you open your kit, you'll notice the ease of accordion style unfolding the internal pockets in one quick movement. This gives you an instant visual on all the contents so you can quickly locate and access the items you need.

Colour-coded contents

Clearly identifiable colours are a unique feature of our ARTG registered consumables. As a first aider, you can quickly visually identify the item you need based on the colour of the packaging (and it makes refilling a breeze!)

Clear internal pockets

As you open your first aid kit, you'll notice that each section is segregated with contents grouped together by their colour code. This allows easier identification and access to the contents you need, without any fumbling around in an emergency! 

Slide out clear sleeves

In our R2 range, we pack kit contents inside a slide out clear sleeve, so as you can easily access the exact item you need without having to tip your first aid kit upside down. Less mess, more control.

Watch our quick video below of the R1 Vehicle Max First Aid Kit to get a better understanding of how our soft packs are organised ✅


View all of our soft pack first aid kits here!

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