We've made it so easy to be CPR prepared!

Whether being used in the education sector or used during training courses, our newly released Disposable CPR Face Shield and Resus Hygiene Wipes are the perfect tool to keep you and those around you protected during mouth to mouth resuscitation. 

The CPR Face Shield is a clear PVC plastic with the face positioning guide and filter. The individually wrapped disposable units boast an excellent 5 year expiry.  

The Resuscitation Hygiene Wipes are larger than the standard wipe - 185x140 mm - making cleaning a manikin or a patient super easy and quick. Consisting of 70% ethyl alcohol means they are very low scent, so they're completely child friendly (shout out to the education sector - we know how hard it is to get low alcohol scented wipes!). Similar to the Face Shields, the Wipes are also individually packaged and boast the same 5 year expiry. 

How much easier could it be to be CPR prepared? Prepare yourself today! Call us on 1800 13 12 11 for further information, or contact your local distributor for purchase.

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