First aid for sports

We've put together a quick guide for everything you need to know about first aid in sporting industries.

Top picks - Sport first aid kits 

As community sport is returning again after the summer holidays, it's important to make sure you're prepared for those unexpected injuries. A good sports first aid kit will provide immediate treatment for common sports injuries like grazes, cuts, sprains and strains. The type of sport will also determine how many kits are required, and what other first aid equipment is suitable.

Bum Bag First Aid Kit

Perfect for roaming and on the go - administer simple first aid treatments quickly during the sport action. View the product page here.

R2 Sports Action First Aid Kit, Soft Pack

Perfect for community or club sport, suitable for a larger group of people with a variety of sporting first aid treatments. View the product page here.

Refill your existing first aid kit

If you've already got a first aid kit, you can grab the sports action refill pack to ensure you're equipped for sport first aid. Perfect to restock existing first aid kits. View the product page here.

Supportive tape used to prevent sports injuries, and stabilise joints during vigorous physical activity. View the product page here.

Backboards and Stretchers

Backboards and stretchers are important to have on hand for sports that have the possibility of more serious injuries like neck and spinal cord injuries. Backboards are rigid and designed for immobilising and transporting a person with a suspected spinal cord injury, while a stretcher is flexible and designed for transporting an injured person who is not suspected to have a spinal cord injury.

Trek DuroApex Backboard

For immobilising and safely transporting an injured athlete with a suspected neck or spinal injury. View the product page here.

Trek Badger II Pole Stretcher, 2 Fold

For transporting an injured person who is not suspected to have a spinal cord injury. View the product page here.

Cervical collar

Cervical collars are important to have on hand during sports because they can help prevent further injury to the neck and spinal cord, which can be critical in preventing permanent damage or disability. They should be used whenever there is a risk of head, neck, or spine injury.

Trek EzyNek Pro Cervical Collar

View the Trek EzyNek Pro Cervical Collar product page here


Some sports have an increased risk of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) due to the physical exertion involved, and having a defib readily available can be critical for saving lives. 


Semi-automatic defibrillator that is operated by using two simple buttons. View the RD500 product page here.

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