Defining Sustainability

Defining Sustainability (S.P.E.C.)

At FastAid, sustainability is defined as continually getting better at doing the right things. This will have a positive impact on people’s lives, and the communities and environments in which they live.

Our Sustainability Strategy (S.P.E.C.)

Our Sustainability Strategy has four essential pillars, known as ‘SPEC’:

(S) Sustainable supply chain
(P) Sustainable products
(E) Sustainable environmental impacts
(C) Sustainable communities

SPEC is an acronym defining our four sustainability pillars: sustainable supply chain, sustainable products, sustainable environmental impacts, and sustainable communities. These pillars are not necessarily in order of importance (they are all important), rather simply ordered in a way to be memorable for our team and keep it front of mind.

We have selected these four pillars as areas of focus that we believe have the most impact on a more sustainable future. We support the principles of the UN Global Compact and focus on key sustainability projects and goals that align with our values, as we believe we must act with conviction.