ECO360: Cyclic first aid
waste diversion program

ECO360: Cyclic first aid waste diversion program

ECO360 is Australia’s first cyclic first aid solution design by FastAid to reduce waste and improve product sustainability through resource recovery.

With many organisations throughout Australia seeking a new way to self-manage workplace first aid through our EasyRefill first aid kit, disposing of old first aid kits in a way that prevents waste has proven to be challenging. This is often a barrier to adopting EasyRefill, which is FastAid’s unique way of putting workplaces back in control of their first aid to ensure they are compliant, prepared and ready to respond.

This is where ECO360 steps in. ECO360 is an innovative way of recovering usable first aid consumables for donation to charities and worthy organisations who provide help to those in need. In addition, we recycle the returned plastic and metal first aid cases for repurposing, reducing the amount of first aid product entering landfill.

ECO360 is a step in the right direction to a more sustainable future that not only reduces landfill, but also supports our communities whilst assisting organisations with reaching their sustainability goals.

1. Register – signup, select your first aid kit and order your quantity

2. Receive – take delivery & install your new first aid kits

3. Return – package your old unwanted first aid kits back into our boxes & return

4. Recover – our partners at Afford (Australian Foundation for Disability) will sort and store recoverable first aid items

5. Reuse – we will distribute recovered first aid items to those in need in partnership with our friends at Givit & animal welfare groups

6. Recycle – we will recycle old plastic and metal first aid cases through our partners at Vanden and reputable metal recyclers